Peter McClellan

Lead Advisor

After working for a national financial services firm for more than a decade, Peter believed there had to be a better way. Ever the optimist, he envisioned a positive, forward-thinking team able to make a real difference in the lives of others. So in 1996 he formed Peter McClellan and Associates, which later became the 401K Latte Company.

The Man with a Plan—and A Passion

As Lead Adviser, Peter shares his expert perspective to help individuals who are in or near retirement create a game plan for achieving financial stability. He’s most passionate about these two aspects of his work: 1) seeing his clients accomplish what they value most, and 2) seeing families maintain close ties when sorting out inheritances. (He co-authored an award-winning book about the latter.)

A Heart for Helping Others

Peter’s business philosophy is simple: help others do well. He has a gift for instilling confidence in others, and is grateful his profession allows him to use it. Whether it’s serving as a translator in Latin America or helping a client translate their financial situation, he’s fulfilled when others thrive.

An Active Money Manager

Having seen firsthand the volatility of the stock market, Peter believes active money management is key to minimizing risk. He values seeing people doing what they were created to do—without having to obsess over income. As he tells his clients: “Life’s too short to simply go through the motions.”

A Lightning Fast Left Jab

Peter stays in shape by kickboxing or honing his martial arts (he has a second-degree black belt and is working toward the third degree). On a lazy weekend afternoon, you’ll find him moseying through a yard project or, in the winter months, taking in a movie with his wife.

Invest in a Conversation™ With Peter over a New Jersey Regular

Peter’s not picky about when or where he drinks coffee, but he always pays homage to his New Jersey roots by ordering a New Jersey regular—brewed coffee with cream and one sugar. Although he loves Minnesota and considers it home (he met his wife and raised his family here), he occasionally misses the East Coast pizza and sarcasm.

Give Peter a call at (952)882-0400 or drop him a line at


 Peter and his family: From left are his wife Sally, and children Dan, Julia, and John.