Active Money Management

Are you satisfied with a buy and “hope” strategy when it comes to the management of your money?

While we “hope” the market will not drop again, hope is not an investment strategy. Active Money Management is an investment strategy aimed at minimizing risk while targeting investments that may help you reach your financial goals. Past performance does not guarantee future results, but the goal of lowering losses is a common objective for investors. With the two recent bear markets having decimated many retirement accounts, we think it is wise to offer an option with an “exit” strategy.

We believe that we have entered a “big bear” market that could continue for years to come.  Our national debt is recklessly spiraling out of control.  Should we be surprised if problems in our economy once again cause losses in the stock market? Our active money management plans aim to mitigate the risk of your long term goals being derailed when the next big crash comes along.