What can you expect from our team at the 401k Latte Company?

You can expect to be warmly greeted and welcomed. You are the focus of our time together so we want to get to know you: what’s on your mind, what’s important to you, and what greater financial stability would mean to you personally. Our friendly team and inviting coffee shop atmosphere encourage you to do what our tag line suggests: INVEST IN A CONVERSATION.

Initially we like for you to complete our Conversation Focuser form (if you can) and bring it with you to our meeting. As we become familiar with your goals and objectives we will then set another meeting to offer you considerations to ponder. We take an extremely low key, no pressure approach regarding our recommendations. These meetings are complimentary.

We hope our conversations will not only incorporate finances, but extend “beyond” the money. Of course, that often happens over an excellent cup of coffee or tea. People who then choose to become our clients and who “click” with our team can expect us to review their progress on an on-going basis. We will continue to strive to provide perspective and guidance as you work to achieve your personal financial goals.

Give us a call to see if we can help you in taking those next steps toward greater financial stability. We’ll look forward to a great conversation with you soon.

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